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Gutter Maintenance This Fall

Fall means more than pumpkin spice and apple cider, it also means tons of leaves falling off the trees. While that may look good, to a roofer in Churchville, it’s a reminder that your gutters will likely end up clogged from the leaves. This presents problems for several reasons. First of all, if your gutters are clogged, they will not properly collect water and divert it away from your roof. Second, a clogged and waterlogged gutter is more likely to come unhinged and detach from your home.

Proactive Gutter Maintenance

The good news is you don’t have to wait until your gutters become clogged or weighed down to take proactive action. There are a lot of simple tasks that can help keep your gutters clean and your home safe. Any roofer in Churchville will tell you that simply keeping your gutters clean is the number one way to keep them working properly.


Of course, before you head up on a ladder to clean out your gutters, you must ensure you safely approach the task. There are always safety concerns when someone goes up on a ladder, and if you don’t feel comfortable, then it is better to contact a roofer in Churchville and allow them to handle the task.

Clean Out Debris

If you do happen to get up on the ladder, then you want to make sure you clearly remove all debris and take a look at the overall health of your gutters. A simple water test will help you figure out if your gutters are leaking or properly able to move water down them. If you notice any cracks, it is a good idea to seal them. If there are a lot of cracks, then it may be better to get your gutters replaced instead of attempting to repair something that is clearly starting to show signs of wear.

Leaf Relief – Gutter Protection System

If you’re tired of having to get up on ladders to clean out your gutters, check out our Leaf Relief Gutter Protection System. Leaf Relief is a gutter guard that sits on top of your gutters collecting debris while letting water through. When the debris dries and the wind blows, the debris is cleared off your gutters. Talk about easy gutter cleaning!

Contact A Professional Roofer in Churchville

If you are concerned about the overall condition of your gutters, it is time to talk to a roofer in Churchville. Fall and winter usually result in large amounts of debris, and you want your home to be ready for what is thrown at it. Our team here at Cox Roofing is happy to come out and assess your gutters.

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