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What is Causing Your Metal Commercial Roof to Leak?

A leaking roof is never a good thing and you might need help from a roofing company in Jessup to identify and repair the leak. You will want to address any leaks right away, so you can avoid further damage to the roof, wall issues, flooring damage, and even electrical problems. The first step is to figure out what is causing the leak.

Prevent Leaks in The First Place

You don’t want to have a leak in your roof, if at all possible. You will want to work to prevent those leaks, when possible. The best you can do is have regular inspections. The professionals can notice small things and fix them before the leaks come about. You don’t have to worry about damage if leaks don’t spring in the first place.

Fastener Issues

Fasteners act as seals in the seams of the roofing. They are more vulnerable to leaks than other areas when they are loose.

Paneling Unsecured

If the panels in your metal roof aren’t secured properly, they can shift around and allow water in. They might even blow off in a storm. They need to be secure, so they can help your home, not hurt it.

Missing Pieces

Weather or aging over time can cause pieces of your roof to fall off. When you are missing a section of protective layers on your roof, it could cause leaks which could lead to much bigger problems in your commercial building.

Dealing with Leaks with A Roofing Company in Jessup

When you notice a leak in your metal roof, or you think one of the above things is occurring, which could cause a leak to spring soon, contact the professionals at Cox Roofing for an inspection. Our roofing company in Jessup can help you to take a look at your roof with a new set of professional eyes. We will pinpoint any leaks and give you a free estimate on repairs. We can also spot possible problems that could turn into leaks in the future and head those off before they turn into larger issues.

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