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Can Snow and Ice Damage Your Roof?

As winter draws closer with each passing day, many are probably looking forward to seeing snow-capped houses creating a beautiful frosty wonderland. But for some homeowners, snow and ice accumulating on the roof of their home can become a nightmare that will send them scrambling to find roofing companies in Ilchester. If you are wondering how snow and ice can damage your roof and how you can prevent costly problems, keep reading.

Stress Damage

Let’s face it, snow and ice are heavy, and when they start accumulating on your roof, their weight will place untold amounts of stress on the structure. This can cause your roof to weaken and even damage parts of the roofing system.

Ice Dams

As snow and ice accumulate on your roof, they can start slowly flowing downwards until they reach the edge, where they will harden even further as continued amounts start gathering. This can cause ice dams to form, which can tear the flashing off your roof, and damage your gutters.

Damage From The Freeze And Thaw Cycle

It is well known that the weight of snow and ice on your roof can cause cracks on your roof. Pre-existing cracks may even be present on your roof. The problem gets worse when the snowy accumulation on your roof starts to thaw and water fills in the cracks. If this water freezes again before it can drain out of the cracks, it will expand, making the cracks larger and even moving your shingles, which will make the problem even worse than it already is and result in costly repairs.

Preparing for Winter Weather: Tips From Roofing Companies in Ilchester

Regular maintenance for your roof can help it withstand the elements to the best of its ability and even prolong its life. It is a good idea to perform maintenance before the winter months come so your roof has a better chance of withstanding the elements. Another thing you can do is call a professional roofer to inspect your roof before winter to make sure you don’t have any pre-existing cracks or damages that could get worse in the winter months.

One of The Best Roofing Companies In Ilchester Can Help

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