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8 Commercial Roofing Issues You May Be Facing

Commercial roofs are subject to wear and tear due to elements such as sun, age, and other natural causes. If you think you are dealing with a roofing issue, even if it is small, act quickly and contact one of the commercial roofing contractors in Lutherville, MD. Let’s take a look at eight common commercial problems you could be facing.

Lack of Maintenance

Regular checkups ensure your commercial roof is in good shape and they can catch problems early. Rot, leaks, and punctures from tree branches are examples of what maintenance can uncover before they become expensive.

Poor Installation

Reduced lifespan and many problems are likely outcomes of an improperly installed roof.

Improper Roofing Materials

Commercial roofing isn’t a good area to cut costs. For example, for different types of buildings, you will need different roofing systems with different materials. Some businesses may do best with TPO roofing while others may benefit more from Torch Down roofing.

Standing Water

Debris accumulates quicker than you might think. Wind blows branches onto the roof, and birds create nests. Whatever its form, debris can clog drains and contribute to standing water, backups, and leaks.


The suction created by wind dynamics can lift roof materials off if they were not applied properly and left to cure.


Punctures can occur from membrane damage.

Expanding and Contracting

Heat and cold cause metal and other commercial roofing materials to expand and contract. As this occurs over the seasons or years, it’s entirely possible for holes to occur, leading to leaks, and for joint breakage to happen.

Damaged Flashing and Pitch Pans

The majority of commercial roof leaks come from improperly installed flashing and pitch pans. Water can get in this way, and poor flashing is less likely to do its job of keeping water from pipes, chimneys, seams, and joints. Flashing can expand and contract, too and over time it can warp. You want to make sure your flashing and pitch pans are in good shape

Roofing Contractors in Lutherville, MD, Can Help

Though commercial roofing is subject to some natural wear and tear, you can prolong the life of your roof through maintenance, regular inspections, and quality roofing contractors in Lutherville, MD. Get in touch today with Cox Roofing for a free estimate.

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