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5 Signs of Roof Damage You Might’ve Missed

Some signs of roof damage are easy to spot, such as peeling shingles, moss, or roof sagging. However, certain ones aren’t as easy to spot. You may want to hire a roofer in Fells Point, MD, for a thorough assessment. However, if you’re checking for yourself, here’s what to look for:


If you start seeing animals on your roof or signs of animals, it may be a telltale sign you have roof damage. These creatures can make a home in weak areas of your roof and wreak havoc.


Books and movies depict the wind whistling to enhance the eeriness of a situation. And when it comes to roofing, it’s a scary noise to hear as well. It’s the sound of air flowing into your home. You may have difficulty pinpointing the entry point of the airflow, but a professional roofer can assist.

Black Spots

If you’ve ever taken a drive around and looked at people’s roofs, you probably saw some with black spots or streaks. While it’s common, this, however, is a sign of algae growth. The algae blow through the air and gravitate toward areas on your roof with little sunlight, often on the north-facing side of a home. The algae consume limestone in the roofing, which compromises the integrity of your roofing shingles.

Buckling Shingles

A shingle that’s peeling, damaged, or missing is easy to spot. But, it takes a more keen eye to identify buckling shingles. Firstly, you usually have to be on the roof to see them. These shingles are ones that aren’t laying flat, and this isn’t easy to spot when you’re looking up at your roof. That being said, getting onto your roof can be dangerous so this may be a job that should be left to a professional.


Did you randomly find nails around the outside of your house and have no idea where they came from? They may have come from nails pulling away from the roof, becoming displaced, and ending up on the ground below, which is dangerous for you and your family and is a sign of a problem for your roof.

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