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Roofing Company Fixes Wind Damage

Roof damage isn’t something you usually think about or can easily see, but it could be there. Storms with heavy winds or hail are very likely to harm your roof. This damage can look like missing or curled shingles, torn flashing, or more. If your roof is old or you suspect that it needs repairs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Cox Roofing. We are a roofing company Timonium MD serving customers across the Baltimore area. We can make your roof safe and look brand new!

Signs of Wind and Other Damage on a Roof

The most prominent sign of wind damage is the loss of shingles. This type of damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible because when shingles are missing, it can lead to leaks. Another sign of wind damage is a broken adhesive seal meant to promote water shedding. Hail damage can look like dented shingles. Over time these dents allow water to penetrate. Other signs of hail damage include small, round divots on the edges of the shingles, a large accumulation of granules at the end of your downspout, and dents on items on your house or in your yard. Lastly, falling debris during storms may hit your roof. While some tree branches and debris can be small and not cause much harm, other times, the damage can be serious.

Do You Need a Roofing Company Timonium MD?

After a storm, you should contact a professional roofing company to inspect your roof. Don’t try it yourself. Not only is it dangerous, but you may overlook an issue. If you need a roofing company Timonium MD to check your roof for wind damage, Cox Roofing has you covered.

Cox Roofing has over 30 years of experience providing roofing services for residential and commercial clients in the state of Maryland. You can feel confident in us because we are fully bonded, licensed, and insured. Additionally, we are Home Advisor screened and approved and have an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. To have your roof inspected for wind damage today, contact us or click here for a free estimate!

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