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What to do After a Storm Damages Your Roof

In our area mother nature can produce intense storms at any given time. These strong storms are notorious for damaging or removing shingles from your roof. Additionally, gusting winds uproot trees of all sizes, causing extensive damage to your home. Your roof often takes the most damage. Some storm damage is more evident than others. You definitely notice holes in your roof or missing shingles. However, your roof may be suffering more extensive damages not seen by the naked eye. If you need post-storm roof repair in Anne Arundel County, please read on. Learn what to do about the damage to your roof.

Roof Damage? Safety First

Before you assess the damage of your roof, always take the proper safety precautions. A flashlight is one of the safest tools to use to inspect your roof for damages. Look for broken or exposed nails and other hazards. Downed power lines can be dangerous. If power lines near you are down, assume they are active. Stay away from them and call your power company immediately.

Plus, the odor of gas is never a good sign. Leave your home immediately and notify your gas provider if you smell gas.

Assess the Damage

When you’re assessing the damage of your roof, make a note of all types of damage. Common types of roof damage include holes and leaks. You may also notice broken or cracked tiles or broken gutters. If you can, document the roof damage by taking pictures.

Call the Professionals for Roof Repair in Anne Arundel County

At Cox Roofing, we provide residential and commercial roofing services. We also offer services for your gutters and siding. We specialize in roof maintenance, insurance repair, emergency repairs, and much more. At Cox Roofing we pay close attention to detail and deliver our services with a smile. We are a top provider on Home Advisor and an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. Excellent customer service is our top priority. We’re here to help make your home safe and increase the longevity of your roof.

Are you a homeowner in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County or Harford County who needs a consultation for a new roof? Do you need roof repair in Anne Arundel County? Cox Roofing is here to help. Contact us today to receive your free estimate!

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