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Aluminum Roof Coatings a Questionable Choice

Metal roofing has been a common topic of conversation, but what about the similar-sounding aluminum roof coatings? They are on display in stores where roofing products can be found, but that doesn’t mean they’re a great idea for each and every roof. As always, do research into this material before you make any big decisions.

Why You Shouldn’t Consider Aluminum Roof Coatings

Initially, people might opt for aluminum roof coatings because their price is appealing (and therefore low). However, this is how many end up with subpar roof covering, since aluminum isn’t, in fact, the best material available. Remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

In fact, this type of roofing has adherence issues and “will not bond with water-based coatings,” making some future additions or changes on your part impossible. Speaking of water, aluminum also doesn’t do much against rain, so don’t count on it to keep the water (or its noise) from inside your house.

Where doors, windows, and other roof types can adjust to the hot and cold and the changing seasons, aluminum roof coatings are not as flexible. They don’t “expand and contract,” leaving you with broken and marred pieces over time that can damage the integrity of your roof.

Compared with other options, aluminium products are said to come with less impressive warranties, which should always give you pause. You want such a crucial investment to be protected for as long as possible, and something that is much less time than the others should automatically send off warning signals.

Not only are aluminium roof coatings said to be less energy efficient than other varieties, they are also more difficult for you (or a professional) to clean off. If that, and all the other points above, weren’t enough to deter you, then you should know that this type of coating requires fairly frequent recoating. It simply doesn’t last as long, and its time up there isn’t much to speak of, anyway.

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