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Roofing Contractor Explains Roof Shapes

Houses in our area feature roofs of many different styles and shapes. Regardless of what kind of roof you home has, it will likely need repairs and eventually, a full replacement. If you are looking for a roofing contractor in Clarksburg, discover Cox Roofing. With over 30 year of experience in the area, we are your one-stop call for any roof issue. Read on to learn more about what kind of roof you may have on your home.

Common Roofing Types

One of the most common types of roof for homes in our area is the gable roof. You can easily identify it by its triangle shapes. The gable roof is popular due to the protection it provides from the elements. This efficient shape protects your home since the slope allows snow and water to slide off easily. However, gable roofs can be a problem in high winds. The issue can stem from insecure frames. This can be addressed by hiring an expert, such as Cox Roofing, to inspect and fix any underlying problems.

Hip Roof
A hip roof has slopes on the sides and all sides are equal in length. The top of the roof forms a ridge that allows the hip roof to be more stable than its equally popular gable roof counterpart. The complexity of this roof design tends to make this style of roof slightly more expensive. However, it could be worth the extra expense if you live in an area with high winds or hurricanes. This type of roof is perfect for snow and rain as well.

Gambrel Roof

Homes built in the style of a “Dutch Colonial” features a gambrel roof. You’ll notice that the plane of the roof on both sides of the central ridge is broken about midway down. The lower half of each side falls at a steeper pitch toward the eave.

Regardless of the roof style on your home, Cox Roofing is the place to call when you have any roofing issues. With over  three decades of experience, we are confident that we are the top roofing contractor in Clarksburg and beyond! Click here for a free estimate.

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