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What is a Roof Valley?

Roof valleys are the “V” shaped channels that intersect on your roof. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common areas where roof leaks occur. These intersections are often sealed with non-permeable materials such as metal sheets or roof rolls, allowing surface water to drain off. Homeowners often ignore the importance of regular check-ups and maintenance of the roof valley. If you notice roof leaks and need a roofing company in Severna Park, please read on.

The Difference Between Open and Closed Roof Valleys

Roof valleys can either be open or closed. When constructing a closed roof valley, the roofer installs the shingles onto the roof deck and extends the asphalt shingles through the valley. Consequently, the shingles close or cover the valley section. Once the roof is done, the closed valley area is completely covered with the asphalt shingles.

When constructing an open roof valley, the roofer adds an additional layer of lining in the valley. Ice and water shields are installed followed by a pre-bent metal valley lining resistant to ice, acid, rain and other natural elements.

Roofing Company Specializes in Maintenance and Repairs

If you suspect a leak in your roof valley, don’t panic. First, schedule a professional assessment. A professional makes sure that a leak is not occurring from another part of the roof. Plus, a roofing company finds hidden sources of leaks. Past repairs and old roofs may also leak so, simply fixing the roof valley won’t stop any leaks.

If the roof valley is indeed the source of the leak, an evaluation determines the extent of the damage. You may need to install a sheet-metal flashing which would require the removal of the surrounding shingles. However, that can be a short-term, low-cost solution as you may need to re-roof the section in the near future.

Tips to Lengthen the Life of the Roof Valley

Proper care and maintenance of the roof valley helps lengthen the life this important section. Trim trees that drape over the roof valley. Leaves, branches and dirt falling into the valley results in withering and rust over time. Additionally, if birds’ nests are a problem, you should try attracting them to a different section of your yard by installing bird feeders and bird baths further way from the house.

Roofing Company in Severna Park: Cox Roofing

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