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Roof Designs to Fit Your Personal Style

The function of all roofs is essentially the same: keep the house covered and protected from the elements. Most roofs need some sort of slant (even a very slight slant) to help melting snow or rain drain off the roof. After meeting those basic needs, roofs can vary greatly in style and shape. If you are designing a roof, create something to fit your personal style. Keep reading to find out about the different styles and shapes of roofs. For those looking for a roofing company in Savage, or elsewhere in Howard County, Cox Roofing is your top choice. A professional roofing contractor can advise you on the best roof to fit your home’s needs and your design preferences.

Roofing Company Installs Many Different Types of Roofs

False-Front Gable

When a roof is pitched with two end meeting to form a triangle, the inside space of that triangle is called a gable. When a gable is only present for aesthetic purposes and is not necessarily required, it’s called a false gable. Many modern designed homes have one or more false-front gables facing the street, to change the shape of the roof and the home.

Gables come in many forms, including L-shaped and T-shaped (which is also called cross-gabled).


Gambrel roofs are another type of gabled roof. Known as a ‘Dutch roof,’ the roof is symmetrical with two sloping sides. It resembles the shape of a barn’s roof. The upper slope of the roof is typically shallower, while the lower slope is steeper.


Some people consider a shed roof a ‘half-gabled’ roof. A shed roof typically slants in one direction. House dormers frequently have shed roofs.

Octagon Roof

An octagon roof has eight sides. It is a preferred roof design for homes and buildings that are round or nearly round in shape. Octagon roofs are frequently found on gazebos or can be a corner addition to a home.

Need a Roofing Company in Savage? Cox Roofing

If you’re looking for a roofing company in Savage, Laurel, or Elkridge, Cox Roofing offers roof repairs and roof replacement projects for roofs of all shapes and sizes. With over 30 years of experience, the team at Cox Roofing provides residential roofing services, professional roof installation, superior protection for your roof, roof consultation services, and commercial roofing. Fill out this form for a FREE estimate or call 443-449-5273 today.

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