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A New Roof Makes Home Values Soar

Stainless steel appliances and multiple bathrooms add value to your home, but another item may be even better. If you’re interested in adding value to your home, start with the roof. A new roof has a variety of advantages, especially if you’re interested in selling your home in the near future. Please read on to learn more about a new roof by Cox Roofing. We are proud to be among the top roofers in Baltimore.

How Does a New Roof Increase a Home’s Value?

Increased Safety

The safer a home, the more money it’s worth. Installing a new roof helps with the prevention of leaks and mold growth. Additionally, new roofs are less likely to develop icicles and ice dams, which can become a safety threat for residents and your guests.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the way your home looks from the street or the curb. This type of attraction is essential if you plan on selling your home. A well-maintained yard is great, but a new roof attracts more buyers, not to mention gives your home a facelift.

Energy Efficiency

Old roofs are not as energy efficient as new ones. A deteriorating roof enables heat to escape from your home during the winter and cold air to escape during the summer, which results in expensive heating and cooling bills. A new roof creates a strong barrier between the outside elements and the inside of your home. This secure seal helps lower your electric bill.

How Can Professional Roofers in Baltimore Help?

A professionally installed new roof can increase a home’s value and attract a new buyer. A new roof is an investment that will grant a significant return. Consider adding a new roof to help you sell your home quickly.

Here at Cox Roofing, we are professional roofers in Baltimore who we specialize in residential and commercial roofing, gutters, and siding. We are locally owned and proudly provide our services to the Baltimore, MD area. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of a new roof and get a free estimate.

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