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Why Do Roofs Sag?

Keeping your roof in good condition is very important. It protects your home against harsh weather and it is an essential part of your home’s overall value. Neglecting your roof can cause sagging and costly structural damages. While a little sagging does not necessarily mean your roof is headed for a collapse, it means you need to save the structure by doing a thorough roof repair. To help maintain your roof, it is worth hiring a professional to determine the exact cause of the sagging and take the right steps to repair it. If you need help with your roof, Cox Roofing provides residential roofing in Howard County and beyond. Please read on for more about a sagging roof.

Common Causes

• Water Damage

Your roof requires proper drainage. Rain and melting snow should flow towards the gutter system, directing water away from the foundation. If the gutter system is ineffective or the shingles inhibit water flow, moisture can seep into the underlying support structure, causing it to deteriorate. Shingles offer some protection against water damage, but if the water sits for too long, a sagging roof can be the unfortunate result.

• Too Much Weight

Each roof is constructed to handle a maximum amount of weight. Too many layers of shingles, undersized rafters, inadequate internal support, and other structural problems or improper designs can fail to provide adequate support causing your roof to sag. Also, snow and ice loads can also cause weight issues for your residential property, resulting in sagging.

• Problems with Joist and Rafters

Joists are the large blocks of wood that run horizontally on the ceiling while rafters are the vertical beams that hold the shingles, together they make up the roof’s framework. The joists and rafters also work together to support your home’s roof. When they age or wear out due to extreme weather, they become weak and begin to dip, causing your roof to sag.

Cox Roofing Provides Residential Roofing in Howard County

Additionally, some roofing materials and installation methods can lead to sagging. Low-quality materials age faster, and as a result, may sag sooner. When you hire a reputable, licensed roofing contractor such as Cox Roofing for your residential roofing in Howard County, you can rest easy knowing that the materials and workmanship adhere to the building code and safety standards. Cox Roofing also provides a warranty for their work plus quality roof repair. Contact us today; we’ll visit you to inspect your roofing and offer a free estimate for any of our roofing services.

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