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Preventing Leaks Around Your Chimney

If you are experiencing leaks in your home and are considering new roofing in Baltimore County, please read on.

Do you know that chimneys are one of the most common sites of leaks in homes? Yet, we often take this household feature for granted because:

1. We think it can stand up to all the weather conditions thrown at it.

2. We assume it was well installed in the first place.

3. It hasn’t caused an issue up until now.

In time though, deterioration and wear occur, usually appearing as the tell-tall sign of water on the ceiling below it. In other words, a leak.

So, let’s take a quick look at why this can happen and what we can do about it.

The Number One Cause of Chimney Leaks

Damaged metal flashing is by far the biggest cause of chimney leaks.

At this point, you may be asking, “What is flashing?” It’s the thin sheet metal applied at the base area where the chimney stack meets the roof.

Its job is to form a seal around the brickwork, keeping rainwater out. Although flashing is typically made from tough-wearing metals such as lead, steel and aluminum, that doesn’t mean that it lasts forever.

That’s usually because the flashing has been exposed to a storm, or otherwise damaged, or its sealant has deteriorated. This causes the flashing to pull away from your roof and chimney and lead to leaks.

So how can you fix this problem?

Roofing in Baltimore County

The first thing to do if you suspect a leaking chimney is to call on the expert services of Cox Roofing for a FREE estimate. We repair problems like this professionally – and have done so for over 30 years.

We pride ourselves on our personalized service and attention to detail. So much so in fact, we’re proud to say that we’re Home Advisor and Angie’s List Top Rated businesses, as well as accredited by the BBB.

As well as roofing in Baltimore County, we also specialize in:

  • Seamless guttering with 20-year guarantee.
  • Affordable, durable, siding.
  • Commercial and residential roofing upgrades.

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