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Is Condensation Bad for Your Roof?

When problems occur with your roof it’s best to address the issues as soon as possible. One such problem involves excess moisture, resulting in condensation. To take care of the issue quickly, discover Cox Roofing. We are among the top roofing companies in Olney and we serve customers across Montgomery County. Read on to understand more about roof condensation and what causes it.

What Is Roof Condensation?

Many people think rain or snow are the culprit causing their roof leaks. However, the majority of leaks often come from the inside of the building instead of the roof. The most common cause of water droplets on your ceiling is roof condensation. Roof condensation is water vapor that transitions to the liquid phase.

Roof condensation occurs when the temperature inside a building is warmer than the temperature outside the building. When heated air rises to the roof, warm and cool air mix, causing the condensation process to occur if moisture is present. When moisture transitions to condensation you may notice water droplets appearing on the ceiling of your home.

Items in the home that create excess moisture include:

  • Space heaters
  • Cooking appliances
  • Dishwashers
  • Fireplaces
  • Showers and bath tubs
  • Humidifiers

Finding Roofing Companies in Olney to Prevent or Fix Roof Condensation

Roof condensation can become a problem by causing indentations in the insulation under your roof vents. You may also notice indications of frost on the underside of your roof’s deck. If you see any issues that make you think you have a leaking roof, call a professional to schedule an inspection.

Roofing companies in Olney, like Cox Roofing, can install a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from making its way to the attic. Roofing professionals can also add sufficient insulation to keep the heat in your home and out of your attic.

Cox Roofing is your solution for residential and commercial roofing across Montgomery County and beyond. Our specialties include roofing, gutters, and siding. Contact us today to get your free estimate.


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