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Invest in Quality Residential Roofing

Increasing and preserving the value of your home includes making sure that your roof is sturdy and in good condition. Choose a company for residential roofing in Towson carefully. A great one can help you add value to your home and protect the structure.

The Value of Replacing Your Roof

If you can’t remember when you replaced your roof, or if you’ve purchased an existing home and aren’t sure about the age of the roof, it may be time for a new one. Over time, especially if you experience heavy storms and hail, small leaks can cause your insulation in the attic to rot, or mold and mildew to grow inside your home. Having your roof inspected each year is good for your peace of mind and can catch small problems before they turn into larger ones.

Sometimes, though, it may be necessary to invest in a whole new roof. This gives you the security of knowing your home is protected. If you think you’ll be placing your home on the market soon, then a new roof can dramatically increase the value of the home and land you better offers.

Many Choices for Residential Roofing

Asphalt shingles are the most common roof covering in the U.S. They come in a variety of colors to match the exterior of your home and are easy to install and replace.

Shake and wood shingles are typically made from cedar, redwood, or southern pine. They add a little bit of rustic flavor to your home and have an average lifespan of 30 to 50 years.

Clay tiles look lovely on homes with a stucco finish. They, too, can come in a variety of colors to suit your taste. They can also help keep your home cool, as the material reflects over 50% of the heat from the sun.

Cox Roofing is the Best in Towson

Discover why Cox Roofing is the first choice for residential roofing in Towson for homeowners just like you! We’ve been in business for a long time and we focus on using the best materials and industry-leading techniques. Our roofing teams are solidly trained, bonded and insured for your protection. We’ve received top ranks from Home Advisor and Elite Service and hold an A+ Rating from the BBB. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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