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Do you Need a Cedar Shake Expert?

There’s nothing like a cedar roof, not just for the durability, but the beauty. A high-quality cedar roof looks gorgeous and fits with almost any style or color of home. Cedar roofing is so distinctive that you, and anyone else, can see it from a long distance. For those lucky enough to have a home featuring a cedar roof, you may have questions about maintenance or repair. If you need to consult an expert and are looking for roofing companies in Bel Air North, discover Cox Roofing. Read on for additional information!

Learn More About Cedar Roofing

Cedar is one of the toughest woods, which makes it a naturally durable roofing material. Cedar shakes are split along the natural grain of a block of timber. Once split, they’re re-sawn for a smooth back and textured face. Shakes are split by hand from lumber logs. On the other hand, cedar shingles are machine cut from a block of wood. Due to the manual vs. automated method of creating them, cedar shakes have uneven surfaces, while shingles are smoother. When installing cedar shakes, there need to be overlapping layers of roofing felt between shake layers.

With proper maintenance cedar shake shingles last up to 50 years. Cedar has natural preservatives that make it resistant to damage from insects, UV rays, wind, and moisture damage. Plus, cedar is less susceptible to moss growth. If you want to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, consider this type of roofing, as cedar is a natural insulator. Finally, if cedar is factory treated, it’s even more resistant to insects, moss, fungi and becomes more fire-resistant

Roofing Companies in Bel Air North: Cox Roofing

If you’re sold on cedar shakes as your choice for a new roof, or have an existing cedar roof, Cox Roofing can help. We are among the top roofing companies in Bel Air North and we are experts in all types of roofing installation and repair. Our licensed roofing contractors provide outstanding customer service and attention to detail that your roof needs. Contact Cox Roofing today to get a free estimate.

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