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Can Your Home Support a Green Roof?

A “green roof,” also known as an “eco roof,” refers to a roof that is physically green due to plants and other vegetation being grown on top of it.  It is not an all-encompassing term for efficient or environmentally-friendly roofs, though the introduction of this foliage does help to achieve that goal.

The Not-So Secret Garden (on Your Roof)

It seems self-explanatory that a “green roof” would be, simply, a roof that is physically green.  This is true, but there are other factors to consider, such as whether or not that particular roof is able to support the weight of the plants and materials required to encourage growth.  Obviously, not every roof pitch makes it possible to do so.

The ultimate benefits of encouraging life on the roof is beyond the obvious beauty of having plants, flowers, and even small trees on the roof.  Covering the roof’s surface in this way keeps its exposure level down, limiting the harmful effects of direct sunlight and other weather from doing long-term damage.  It also acts to better purify the air; the more plants that are changing our carbon dioxide emissions into oxygen, the better for everyone (and for the planet).  There is also the possibility that this cover, as a result of absorbing the sunlight, can reduce the temperature within the building and therefore cut costs in the summer.

There are a few components that really make a roof green, which include:

  1. “Weatherproof membrane
  2. Root-protection barrier
  3. Drainage layer
  4. Growing medium
  5. Plants”

A green roof can not only improve the curb appeal and value of your home, but can also do wonders for the environment.  However, the increased weight can be catastrophic if done without planning as the roof can collapse as a result.  Make sure to speak with the roofing experts to determine if a green roof is possible to brighten up the outside of your home.  For advice, services, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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