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Are Roofing Repairs Covered by Your Insurance?

If your home sustains damage from hail, wind, or a fallen tree your first instinct is likely to call someone who can fix your roof. However, you should also check to see if the repairs are covered by insurance. When you need a reliable roofing company in Baltimore County, discover Cox Roofing and we can help you navigate your repairs.

Are Roofing Repairs Covered by Insurance?

Depending on what type of coverage your home has, your roof repairs may or may not be covered. If you have dwelling coverage, that protects you from damage from hail, wind, fire, lightning strikes, and other perils that damage the roof. However, if the damaged roof belongs to something not attached to the house, like a shed or detached garage, then it’s covered under “other structures” protection. If you have a leaky roof, homeowner’s insurance only covers it if a peril causes the leak.

What Does the Claims Process Involve?

Always keep your insurance documents handy, whether you access them by phone, computer, or physical documents stored in a safe place. Be sure to write down the phone numbers to your insurance agent or their customer service line and keep them in multiple locations.

Before you call anyone, take clear photos of the damage. Once an insurance adjuster visits, show them the pictures. They’ll inspect the property and work with you to assess the damage. Typically, you’ll get a portion of the settlement before work begins, which gives you money to fix the roof. Then once the job is finished and passes inspection, you’ll receive the rest of the insurance money. The length of time it takes to get your settlement depends on the extent of the damage, how long it takes to send an adjuster, and other factors.

Roofing Company in Baltimore County: Cox Roofing

Cox Roofing is an expert roofing company in Baltimore County who can handle anything thrown our way. We expertly install and repair all kinds of roofs from cedar, asphalt, slate, copper, metal, and more. If you need your roof repaired, you can count on us to get the job done. Contact Cox Roofing today for a free estimate!


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