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Choosing the Right Color for Your Roof

A new roof, or removal and replacement of an existing roof, is a significant investment. The roof influences the overall appearance of a home and provides protection from the elements. Choosing the right color for a roof enhances the home’s curb appeal and increases property values. It is important to find the right Annapolis roofing company to install your roof. Read on to learn more about Cox Roofing and color options for your new roof!

Establish a Color Palette

The first step in finding the perfect roof color is defining the color palette. Brick exteriors, chimneys, siding, trim, and other permanent structures around the home determine the color palette. Neutral roof colors such as sage-gray or shades of brown with undertones of yellow, orange, or red give the home a pleasant, unobtrusive appearance. Neutral shades are the best choice if the home will be on the market soon. Cedar, pine, and redwood materials offer numerous shades of neutral or complementary colors. A brightly colored aluminum or steel roof provides contrast and lets the home stand out. Clay, concrete, or slate offer a wide range of matching, complementary, and contrasting colors to choose from.

Energy Efficient Roof Colors

Choosing an appropriate roof color increases energy efficiency. Black asphalt, dark wood shingles, and other dark colors or materials absorb heat. A dark roof reaches temperatures much higher than the general surroundings on hot summer days. The roof channels heat into the home and forces cooling systems to use more energy to maintain comfortable temperatures. A light-colored roof reflects energy instead of absorbing it. A white or light grey roof can much cooler than a black roof during a hot summer day. Summers in Maryland can be very hot, so energy efficient colors are important. Colors for Baltimore and Annapolis roofing options are almost unlimited!

Long-Term Benefits

Cox Roofing is certified to install GAF’s Weather Stopper Roofing System, and each component of the system has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. A well-designed roof, quality materials, and careful installation extend the lifetime of a roof to minimize replacement or repairs. A properly installed roof protects the entire home, and repairs and maintenance are few. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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