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commercial roofing in Carroll County -- Cox Roofing

Built-Up Roofing for Commercial Projects

It’s important to maintain your commercial building for your business and your clients. However, many people may not realize the best roofing options for their …

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residential roofing in Baltimore -- Cox Roofing

Refresh Your Home’s Look with New Siding

When it comes to curb appeal and adding value to your home, siding is a sensible choice. If you are looking for a company that …

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roofing contractors in Howard County -- Cox Roofing

April Showers Bring Clogged Gutters

Rainy weather in the spring brings greener lawns and helps plants grow. However, it also presents issues for many homeowners if their gutters aren’t in …

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roofing company in Odenton -- Cox Roofing

Roofing Company Provides Repairs Done Right

One of the most important contributors to the structural integrity of your home is the roof. A roof in disrepair can lead to a lot …

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Cox Roofing Earns Top 3 Roofing Contractors in Baltimore Award

Cox Roofing Ranked Top 3 Roofing Contractors in Baltimore, Maryland. Top 3 Roofing Contractors in Baltimore Award Reflects Company’s Consistently High Level of Customer Service …

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roofing in Baltimore -- Cox Roofing

Today’s Roofing Trends: Synthetic Slate

Traditional slate is expensive, heavy, and can be difficult to install. However, a great alternative exists! Modern synthetic slate provides the beauty of slate without …

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roofing company in Baltimore County -- Cox Roofing

Why Torn Flashing is a Real Concern

The area around your chimney is a common place where water can get into your home. If you notice water stains on your ceiling or …

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roofing company in aberdeen -- Cox Roofing

Discover the Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a superior option that gives your home elegance and beauty while being durable enough to survive even the harshest elements. If …

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roofing company in Olney -- Cox Roofing

Roofing Replacement for a Saltbox House

Saltbox houses were a prominent home style in New England during the colonial period. The sloped roof style house got its name due to its …

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residential roofing in carroll county -- cox roofing

Best Budgeting Tips to Save for a New Roof

A roof replacement prevents interior damage and protects your home and belongings from the elements. But, don’t let the cost of a new roof keep …

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roofing company in Takoma Park -- Cox Roofing

Importance of Roof Pitch and Slope

You’ve probably heard the term “roof pitch”, but do you really know what it means? Basically, roof pitch is the measure of the steepness or …

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residential roofing in Harford County -- Cox Roofing

Getting Ready for a Roof Replacement

At Cox Roofing we specialize in residential roofing in Harford County, and the surrounding areas, for a wide range of customers. Our goal is always …

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residential roofing in Towson -- Cox Roofing

What if a Tree Damages Your Roof?

Roof damage is an all too common occurrence for many homeowners. Damage caused by a tree is usually due to severe weather and strong winds. …

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roofing company in Glen Burnie -- Cox Roofing

Updated Siding for Your Brick Home

Many homes feature multiple materials on their exterior. If you have a home with both brick and siding and it is time to replace siding, …

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roofing company in Severn -- Cox Roofing

Roofing Company Explains Flat Roof Repair

Though not the most common roof style in our area, some homes and businesses feature flat roofs. This style of roof expresses a modern look …

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