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Roofing Question: Does Moss Damage My Roof?

Though you may look at the moss on your roof and think it adds a bit of character, it’s usually a sign that something is wrong. When moss is left untreated, it can shorten the life of your roof. Moss growth may lift up the shingles and allow water to penetrate which results in leaks and wood rot. If you are looking for roofing companies in Clarksburg for repairs or roof replacement, discover Cox Roofing. We can take a look at your roof and determine the best steps.

Learn About Moss Growing on Your Roof

Moss is known to grow in areas that are not in direct sunlight. So, if your roof is shaded by trees, it’s a prime area for moss to thrive. If you experience frequent rain, this damp climate encourages moss growth. It’s important to catch the moss early before it spreads. If you don’t, it’s likely to be a bigger issue.

When the moss is in small sections, you can try to remove it yourself. To try DIY moss removal, make sure you wear slip-resistant shoes, eye protection, and rubber gloves. Use a hose to spray the area at a downward angle and then use a soft-bristle brush to scrub away the moss. You should scrub from the top down to prevent lifting the shingles. Rub gently and scrub in a small area at a time to avoid damaging the shingles. If the moss has been on your roof for a very long time, you should not remove it yourself. Additionally, many are not comfortable with climbing up on the roof, which is understandable. Instead, call a professional and have them come take a look.

Looking for Roofing Companies in Clarksburg?

Noticing more moss on your roof? Is your roof over 15 years old? If so, it’s time for an inspection. The moss may be indicative of water damage. At Cox Roofing, we’ll determine the issue and decide the best course of action. You may need a new roof or repairs that will give you peace of mind and improve the value of your home.

Cox Roofing has over 30 years of experience serving residential and commercial clients in the state of Maryland. We can repair and replace all roof materials as well as install gutters and new siding! Click here for a free estimate!

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