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Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Caring for your home and property is important, as neglect can lead to big problems in the future. One critical aspect of home maintenance is keeping an eye on the roof over your head. Fall is a great time for a roof inspection to make sure problems don’t creep up on you this winter. Cox Roofing, a top roofer in Fells Point, services customers all over the Baltimore area. We are here to answer your roofing questions. Read on to learn more!

Most Important Steps to Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

Clean Gutters

Cleaning out the gutters is dirty job, but it must be done. Dirty, clogged gutters can lead to a backup of rainwater and melting snow. If water stays on your roof, it can begin to pool. These pools of water are very dangerous and eventually lead to erosion and leaks. Additionally, full gutters are heavy, and the weight may cause them to fall off the house. Clear gutters are one step in maintaining your home and your roof.

Keep Trees Trimmed

If you have a tree that grows near your home, check the branches regularly. If the trees are healthy and thriving, you may want to leave it be. However, when the tree grows to close for comfort, have it trimmed back or cut down. Unhealthy or decaying trees near your home are dangerous. A weak tree can easily break and lead to a slew of issue. If a tree falls on your roof or through your window, you face some serious repair costs. Worse yet, a family member may be injured.

Roof Inspection

An annual or bi-annual inspection can help you cut back on repair costs and save your property from future damage. A professional roofer checks for missing shingles, damaged flashing and more. They recommend repairs and keep small issues from becoming big problems.

Roofer in Fells Point: Cox Roofing

Cox Roofing services residential and commercial properties in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Count on us, with over 30 years of experience roofing, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Plus, we offer professional installation of seamless Leaf Relief gutter installation and siding. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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