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Insulating Your Attic Improves Efficiency

Insulating your attic can be a great step toward increasing the lifespan of your roof by boosting its ventilation. If you’re undertaking this project for yourself, make sure you read the following and do your research so that the process is a safe and smooth one.

Surprising Roofing Benefits in Insulating Your Attic

Though the process can be messy and time-consuming, insulating your attic is a good idea for a lot of reasons. The benefits include a more comfortable home no matter the season, a drop in your heating and cooling costs, and, if you choose to eventually finish your attic into a functional space, it’ll already be (sort of) ready to go.

To begin, know that giving your attic an insulation face lift “can shave 10 to 50 percent off your heating bill” and do the same for you in the summer. Even if you don’t think that you’re up to the challenge of laying down all that pink, fluffy stuff yourself, recognizing the benefits of insulating your attic can help to spur you on to action. Another such boon includes the possibility of “product rebates, discounts, or other financial incentives” which may be offered in your state. It doesn’t hurt to check it out!

If you do decide to tackle the job, look into what kind of insulation is right for your attic and how much of it you need to buy. Of course, before you can put down any material, you need to clear out the attic, so find a new home for those holiday decorations. Then, determine your budget and get expert recommendations before taking a trip to the store for the material of your choice.

The whole concept of insulation involves containing the space and preventing airflow where you don’t want it, so don’t forget to do the same with potential cracks, windows, and other openings to the outside. Seal those drafty areas as an early step. Also, you want to check for leaks in the roof, since water dripping into the attic will eventually result in mold or mildew growth, ruining your insulation efforts.

Throughout the entire process, keep safety in mind. This should be your top priority. You won’t see a professional insulating your attic without a mask, other equipment, and safety procedures, so you shouldn’t take risks, either. It wouldn’t feel great to have lots of fibers from your attic getting into your eyes and lungs. Also, remember that you’re standing and working at the top of the house, so be careful where you step. Not every space will support your weight if you fall, and there are sure to be some poorly-lit areas, too.

Consider getting a professional to handle insulating your attic so that you don’t have to worry about anything. At the very least, recruit an acclaimed roofing contractor to make sure there aren’t any leaks that will ruin your work. To do that, get in touch with Cox Roofing.

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