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What to Do If Your Roof Starts Leaking

As a homeowner, it is never a good sign when you spot a leak in your roof or water dripping through your ceiling. If your roof is leaking, it’s important to contact a roofing contractor in Westminster or throughout Maryland to help you shore up your roof, get rid of that leak, and ensure that no more damage ensues. Here are some steps to take when you see that your roof has a leak in it.

Contain The Water

The first thing to do when you spot a leak in your roof is to take steps to minimize damage to other areas of your home. Place a bucket or other receptacle on the floor in order to contain the dripping water.

Remove Water

If you noticed the leak after a rainstorm and the source of the water has stopped, it is important to safely try to get rid of excess water that can still make its way inside your home. If large amounts of water sit for too long, the can begin to damage your roof, drywall, and wood beams and can cause mold growth and other hazards to occur.

Call Your Insurance Agent

If your leak is caused by a storm, your insurance company may cover some or all of your roof replacement, depending on your plan. Before you pay all of the costs yourself, check to see what might be covered through insurance.

Call a Roofing Contractor in Westminster

Whether you know what is causing the leak up on that roof or not, having a roofing contractor inspect and assess the damage is the best way to take care of the issue fast. They can give you a free estimate and they can even work directly with your insurance company for you if there are things that should be covered.

Preventing Leaks

Talk to the roofing contractor in Westminster when they assess your roof and run repairs to get advice on how you can prevent future leaks. Examples of ways to prevent leaks from occurring include keeping your gutters free of debris, trimming problem trees, and having a regular roof inspection through a maintenance plan.

When you need help with your roof, the roofing contractor in Westminster at Cox Roofing is here to help. You can get a free estimate and damage assessment at any time.

Looking for a roofing contractor in Westminster? Contact Cox Roofing

Roofing questions are best answered by the pros. The experts at Cox Roofing will inspect your siding and your roof, look for damage and evaluate the best course of action. Perhaps fixing some shingles can buy you more time. However, whole roof replacement is necessary. When you are looking for a top-rated Rockville roofing contractor, contact us today. Learn more about our roofing services and receive your free estimate.

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