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Roof Leak: Signs You Should Not Ignore

The national average cost of roof repairs can easily reach $700 or more—a costly repair that can be avoided with some attentive maintenance. A roof leak can happen even to the most diligent homeowners, so learn about some of the causes in order to get them patched up as soon as possible.

Roof Leak Causes

Here are some of the causes and warning signs of roof leaks that you should be aware of:

Age of the roof’s original construction. Roofing materials are not infinite in their ability to ward off the elements. They are subjected to normal wear and tear which will eventually cause a leak if regular maintenance is not performed. Temperature fluctuations and weather conditions both affect wooden roofing materials in particular. Even if you have non-wooden shingles, the intense summer sun can cause the tar to melt, threatening the structural integrity of the roof.

Shallow slope. A shallow slope will lift under strong winds and cause water to enter underneath. Ensure that your roofing materials are correctly installed, especially if you just purchased a home.

Signs of Roof Leaks

Water spots. Water spots on your ceiling are one of the telltale signs that water is accumulating in that particular area. Water spots are typically a symptom of a slow leak, which can be difficult to pinpoint. The reason it’s challenging to locate the source is because water doesn’t necessarily drip down: it can travel via panels on the roof or via holes in the timber.

Buckling shingles. Buckling shingles can be caused by movement in the deck of the roof.

Moldy exterior wall. A wall that has mold or moss growing on it can be caused by an issue with your gutters or downspouts. If one of these is leaking, then you may see signs of erosion and notice moisture on the sides of the building’s  exterior.

Leaks when temperatures fluctuate. In the winter, your roof may be trying to tell you that you have an ice dam, which is caused by a cycle of freezing and thawing. This water can get under the shingles and leak inside of your home.

Looking for a Roofing Company in Chevy Chase?

If you do not repair your roof leak as soon as it occurs, then it may permanently damage the structure of your roof. This renovation process can be costly if the issue is left to compound. Contact Cox Roofing if you have problems with persistent leaks in your home. We are a full service, certified roofing contractor providing residential and commercial roofing services to the residents of the state of Maryland.

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