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Chimney Leak Detection and Repair

If you’ve noticed some water damage in your home but aren’t sure where it’s coming from, the likely source is from a chimney leak. Many homeowners don’t think to look, but the chimney structure, if broken or rotting somehow, can end up being the culprit. Identify the source of the issue and then get in touch with a professional roofer to avoid the worst of the damage.

How to Locate and Deal with a Chimney Leak

Start with a search for the source of the dripping or water within the house. Then, find signs of it on the outside. If much of the issue is up on the roof, contacting a professional is a safer choice to skillfully address the issue without putting yourself at risk. In the meantime, signs of the location of the leak would be stains or off-color from the water, wood that’s rooting, and/or a musty odor. The attic is likely a good bet and if you find mold up there, you know that there is some water getting in.

To determine the chimney leak from the ground, you can run a rose and spray up toward it. Spraying at the broken and leaking area will result in more water coming in, but it will also tell you where, exactly, the leak is. This will be helpful information for your contractor who can then skip the step of finding the area. Having a second person to aid you in this process will make it much easier so that one can use the hose and the other can identify the problem spot.

If there are cracks in vents or loose or missing nails, this can be the origin of the chimney leak. Have the roofer look at the bases of vents or pipes so that the broken or otherwise affected ones can be replaced. There are also products that can be found in a hardware or similar store if you having some construction or roofing experience and want to make some of the adjustments yourself. Just remember to make safety a priority and to ask questions of others when you aren’t sure of something.

Don’t stress over a chimney leak; address the issue as soon as possible armed with as much information about the problem as you can find.

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