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Look Out for These Common Roofing Issues

Being a homeowner is rewarding, but it also means you are responsible for making the necessary home repairs when things go wrong. You must be on top of maintenance, such keeping your roof in top shape. Read on to learn more about four common roofing problems you may face. Thankfully, Cox Roofing, a roofing company in Cockeysville, can help resolve these issues.

Common Roofing Problems for Homeowners

Roof Leaks
Leaks are one of the most common roofing issues. Damaged shingles may allow water to get in. If you suspect your roof is leaking, go into the attic and check for mold, mildew, and water stains. If your home has vaulted ceilings, have a professional inspect your roof for damage from the outside.

Damaged Flashing
Your roof’s flashing is usually made from sheet metal and installed at roof intersections. For example, you’ll see it around chimneys and skylights and along the tops of foundation walls to direct water flow away from the home. When the flashing material becomes loose or weakens, the seals that protect the home become susceptible to moisture damage.

Missing or Broken Shingles
Shingles are attached to your roof by sealant. However, if the sealant degrades, the shingles can get loose, break, or fall off. The shingle’s sealant can be compromised by unfavorable weather, such as snow and rain, by rodents, or normal wear and tear.

Pooling or Stagnant Water
Neglecting to regularly clean your gutters results in a collection of debris. The piles of debris catch water and trap it. As moisture accumulates, pools of water begin to form which can severely damage your roof.

Calling a Roofing Company in Cockeysville

It’s best to let professional roofers assess the state of your roof. They have the expertise and tools to make necessary repairs or will recommend a replacement. We don’t recommend DIY roof work as you may cause even more damage.

Cox Roofing is your solution for residential and commercial roofing. We are a locally owned roofing company in Cockeysville with over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry. Additionally, we  specialize in gutters and siding. Contact us to learn more about our roofing services or to receive your free estimate. We look forward to helping you with all of your roofing needs!

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