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Why Are My Gutters Leaking?

After a rainstorm, you may have noticed water leaking from your gutter system. You may even be wondering why your gutters are leaking and how you can prevent those leaks from occurring in the first place. This article will explore the reasons why gutters leak and what a homeowner can do to prevent future leaks from occurring. If you need assistance with your gutters and are looking for an experienced roofer in Pasadena, you can contact the professionals at Cox Roofing for your roofing and gutter care.

Why is Gutter Maintenance Important?

The purpose of a gutter system is to divert water away from your home when it rains or when snow melts – and a properly functioning gutter system will do just that. If gutters leak, it can cause water to pool along the base of your home and in your gutters. This could cause damage to your foundation which impacts the overall structural integrity of your home. It’s important to identify where the leaks are coming from and repair those leaks right away in order to avoid structural damage.

How to Spot Leaks

After a rain shower, walk around your house and inspect your gutters. If water is dripping from places in the gutter other than the drain ports, you may have leaky or clogged gutters. During the inspection, check for holes in your gutter system and make sure the braces holding your gutters up are securely in place. Also, make sure the gutters are angled properly to catch and direct water away from the home. At the downspouts, make sure the guttering is still intact so water isn’t leaking at the base of the system.

How to Stop Leaks

Leaking gutters can be prevented with a few simple steps. Make sure to keep your gutters clean of clogs such as leaves and debris. You should also routinely check for leaks by inspecting them after rainstorms.

Most importantly – don’t wait to fix leaks. The professionals at Cox Roofing in Pasadena, MD can help protect your gutter system and your home by updating your gutter system for optimal performance and protection.

Looking for a Roofer in Pasadena That Offers Gutter Services? Contact Cox Roofing

Roofing and gutter questions are best answered by the pros. The experts at Cox Roofing will inspect your siding and your roof, look for damage and evaluate the best course of action. Perhaps fixing some shingles can buy you more time. However, whole roof replacement is necessary. When you are looking for a top-rated Rockville roofing contractor, contact us today. Learn more about our roofing services and receive your free estimate.

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