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The First 4 Things to Do If Your Business’ Roof is Leaking

Just like your home, your business’ roof is bound is have issues over time as your roof begins to age. Quality roofing materials are meant to last for decades, but not forever. Around half of the issues that you may have in your business’ building are due to water intrusion caused by a leaking roof. If you notice a leak, here are the first four things to do, according to the roofing company in Rockville.

Tips from a Roofing Company in Rockville:

1: Assess Risk

Once you notice the leak, your first step is to assess the risk of potential damage to your building, your employees, and the product within the building. Even if the assessed risk is small, it’s best to contact a roofer immediately to help locate and repair the leak. Failure to do so can lead to damage to your property and products and potential injury to your employees.

2: Locate the Water Source

It’s nice to know where the water is coming in so you can inform the roofing company and the insurance agency. In searching, you may be able to pinpoint a place where the shingles are missing or you can see an obvious leaking point. If you aren’t sure, a roofing professional can help locate and stop the leak.

3: Contact a Roofing Company in Rockville

Your roofing company is going to be your source for information from start to finish. They can assess the roof and give you a free consultation as well as an estimate for the repairs. They can also work with your insurance company on your behalf and file any claims necessary.

4: Contact The Insurance Company

You will want to talk to the insurance agent about what is and isn’t covered under your policy. That way, you will be mentally prepared for what they may cover and what they might reject under your policy.

Need a roofing company in Rockville? Call Cox Roofing

Roofing questions are best answered by the pros. The experts at Cox Roofing will inspect your siding and your roof, look for damage and evaluate the best course of action. Perhaps fixing some shingles can buy you more time. However, whole roof replacement is necessary. When you are looking for a top-rated roofing company Silver Spring, contact us today. Learn more about our roofing services and receive your free estimate.

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