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Now is a Great Time for New Gutters!

Gutters are a key component in your roofing system. So, maintaining the gutter system on your home can help prevent more problems than you can imagine. The pros at Cox Roofing are roofers in Baltimore County who know how to keep your gutters working to protect your greatest investment, your house.

How Much Damage Can a Few Leaves Cause?

Leaves and debris clogging your gutters can be the cause of major damage to your home. Let’s take a look at the types of issues you might face.

Water Damage
Clogged gutters result in water running down the side of your home. That water has to go somewhere, either into your home or under your foundation. If your home has a basement, odds are that’s where the water will end up. It can ruin whatever you have in your basement, carpeting, furniture, or items in storage. If water gets under your foundation, it builds up and results in shifting. And that movement causes damage to your home’s foundation.

Ice Damage
Clogged gutters will freeze in the winter. What starts out as a thin coat of ice can quickly become an ice dam. This ice dam will block any water that’s trying to get off of your roof (such as snow that melts from heat of your roof). Water pools and seeks a way out. Unfortunately, this path is usually through your roof and/or down your walls. Water will ruin your dry wall, carpeting and wood floors, and damage your electrical system.

Plus, the weight of ice puts a great deal of pressure on your gutters, which is passed on to the soffits and fascia. This pressure can result in cracks in your roof.

Clogged gutters trap water in them. Just enough stagnant water to attract mosquitos and other flying insects. This combination of water and leaves will also be attractive to rodents.

Roofers in Baltimore County: Cox Roofing

Trust your gutter system to the professionals. Cox Roofing is your #1 choice when you need roofers in Baltimore County. Let us help you with a gutter system that will eliminate threats to your home. We install Leaf Relief systems to keep your gutters clear and flowing. Click here to request your free estimate.

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