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Is it Time For You to Get New Gutters?

Do you sit around thinking about your gutters on a regular basis? No, of course not. But roofers in Edgewood make it their job to know what’s important on your roofs, and gutters are a big part of that. Gutters are often overlooked, so make sure you get them inspected when the professionals come by to look at the roof. Here are some signs that you need to replace your gutters.

There’s Water Around Your Home

Your gutters are supposed to move the water away from your home so when you see the water draining near your house instead, it can damage the home in a number of ways. You might see mold growing on your home’s siding, or the water can seep into the house and cause damage inside. You might also have foundation issues because of the way the water impacts the home.

Gutters Are Sagging

If you have a hard rain and you see the gutters sagging instead of draining the water away, they may need to be replaced. Clean the gutters out and see if that helps. If not, you might need new siding and new gutters at the same time.

The Seams Are Failing

Your gutters have seams on them and those connection points are the most vulnerable part of the gutters. After years of use and exposure, they might crack open and the water can pour out from the seam instead. Depending on the severity of the cracks, you will need repairs or a complete replacement of the gutters at that time.

Getting Advice From Roofers in Edgewood

Since you don’t think about gutters on a regular basis, you may have no idea whether or not you need to replace them. The professional roofers in Edgewood are happy to come take a look at your roof, as well as your gutters. Cox Roofing offers free inspections and estimates on any work that needs to be done. We recommend that you have your roofing and gutter systems inspected twice a year to fix small things before they become bigger issues. Save yourself the headache that more severe damage can bring to your home.

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