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After the snow comes the water… that is, now that our big January storm is over, the piles are melting all around us.  As a result, homeowners have begun to worry about the potential for ice damming, so WBAL spoke with the Cox Roofing experts in order to help those concerned about this winter issue.

Don’t Let Ice Damming Ruin Your Shingles

Ice damming is defined in the article as “when snow jams up the gutters, causing water to flow under shingles,” which would cause obvious problems.  It could leak and lead to damage inside the home while eroding the shingles. While there are a lot of other problems that can arise as snow piles up on homes and roofs, ice damming is one of the biggest.

Now that things are melting, there’s less to worry about, in terms of ice damming.  Still, it’s better to know what potential winter risks are, particularly when we could still see snow in February or even March.  Homes with older roofs and less durable shingles are more at risk, considering it would be easier for water to find its way underneath.

Though there isn’t a lot to be done about this issue without putting safety at risk, homeowners should never go up onto their roofs to try and attend to it, particularly when the snow is melting and things could be even more slippery than usual.  WBAL quotes Cox Roofing’s Chris Kromel as saying:

“If you have snow hanging from a gutter and within reach of a broom or shovel and you could get that down, that will help save your gutters.”

Though, again, caution should be taken to avoid major injury.

To read more about Cox Roofing’s report on ice damming, read the full story and watch the video by clicking on the image below.


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