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Gutter Protection Provides Peace of Mind

Your home is probably your biggest investment. To keep it in the best possible shape, you must pay attention to all aspects of your house. One feature that often gets overlooked is the gutters. You should clean your gutters throughout the year. Cox Roofing, providing residential roofing in Timonium MD, Baltimore County, and the surrounding areas, recommends installing gutter protection. Read on for more information.

The Benefits of Gutter Protection

Protecting your gutters from debris and damage results in several benefits. The entire purpose of a gutter is to channel water away from the roof. An overflowing or broken gutter can cause structural damage to your home. Roof leaks may occur which may lead to significant harm to your home’s ceilings, walls, floors, and more.

Plus, a gutter is a common place for insects and animals to make nests. Regular cleaning prevents these nests from occurring and an infestation spreading inside your house. Leaves and twigs that fill your gutter will decompose over time. This decomposing material can become a breeding ground for fungi and plants. This material will further encourage insects such as mosquitoes to crowd around your home.

Having an overflowing gutter can give your home the appearance of being dirty and unkempt. A dirty appearance lowers curb appeal and the perceived value of the house. Additionally, an overflowing gutter can’t divert water as well and the dirty water can overflow into your landscaping. The flood of water destroys your lawn and gardens, and soil erosion can also occur.

Cox Roofing Installs Leaf Relief Gutter Protection

A well-maintained gutter channels water away from your house and landscaping. That’s why at Cox Roofing we recommend installing a premium gutter protection system. Leaf Relief offers homeowners an effective barrier from natural debris like leaves and twigs. Backed by a exclusive 10-Year Limited Warranty, we know that you’ll be satisfied.

For those looking for residential roofing in Timonium MD, or the Baltimore County area, contact Cox Roofing. We install new roofs, complete maintenance and emergency roof repairs and provide gutter and siding services.

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