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Sustainability Succeeds with Green Roofs

We’ve previously discussed the usefulness and sustainable efforts of green roofs where they have been successfully installed, but how often do you hear about specifics? How many stories have you heard or read about particularly interesting or unique green roof situations? Check out some of the following; maybe these examples will spur you on to investigate investing in sustainability for yourself.

Businesses Are Opting for Sustainability Efforts

“Between the environmental savings, energy savings and aesthetic appeal, it is easy to see why installing a green vegetative roof is becoming the popular choice for many businesses.” It accounts for why green roofs have begun to spread more and more, though most people would likely say that they’ve never seen one.

If you’re among that number, then you might not know all of the ways in which a green roof has been used and how you might also utilize this sustainability feature. For example, “in Pittsburgh, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center has turned much of its rooftop into a sustainable garden.” In this way, they are able to save energy while also producing either flowers or produce (they actually feature both). A very well-known company, Facebook, offers their employees this “green space” as an area to relax and get some outdoor exposure: their have meetings in this huge garden on occasion.

Some locations, such as “a library in Cedar Rapids,” use their green roof for “troubleshooting.” In this case, the city faced the effects of damage from stormwater runoff, and so they added rooftop vegetation to absorb and effectively combat that issue. Finally, “Katy Medical Plaza” accomplishes two of the above tasks: gathering rainwater and preventing runoff while also providing a space for patients to stroll and relax.

Obviously, the United States is beginning to get into the swing of things, particularly on the commercial front. There are a dozen ways that this roof type can be used to promote sustainability, and the more that people hear about others’ success stories within the green roof front, the mote will venture into usage for themselves.

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