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When a Hurricane Comes Knocking

Hurricane season is upon us, which means that you want to have a sturdy roof over your head before the winds and the rain become too much for your home to handle.  Even newer roofs can have difficulty standing up against these tremendous storms, so make sure to have yours inspected and prepped beforehand to avoid massive damage and potential danger.

Keep Your Roof Storm-Proof

If you’ve had roofing issues before, or if there is even minor damage pre-existing on your roof, take care to have an expert look over it.  Even a small problem can turn much larger if left untreated or left to the mercy of the elements: for example, shingles that are falling off are one detail that should be immediately attended to.  Your roofing experts will know what is most pressing an issue and what might be left until later as it will not be as affected by any extreme fall weather.

Something you may not consider is that problems along the outer edges of the roof can lead to much bigger problems during a hurricane.  For instance, if there are loose shingles that get torn up by high-speed winds, then they could scrape off other parts of the structure that might not have been disrupted otherwise.  If these pieces then are swept off of the roof, they could hit power lines, windows, siding, people, or animals and be an even greater threat.

Finally, don’t forget about your safety before the storm even starts.  If you mean to inspect the roof for damage by yourself, be very careful in setting up and carrying out the examination, always making sure to use safety precautions and gear.  Remember that having some work done  or simply having an inspection doesn’t mean that you need to purchase an entirely new roof.  Also consider that the cost of replacing a badly-damaged roof after a hurricane or other storm will be much more costly than doing some needed repairs beforehand.

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