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Increase Curb Appeal with a Cupola

Most homeowners have a list of projects on their mind that they believe will add value to their home. One project might be the installation of a cupola on your roof or garage. This simple architectural peak can instantly add curb appeal to your home.

What Is a Cupola?

Cupolas are small domes that sit on the top of a home and provide ventilation for the structure. They can be placed on any type of roof, but are frequently seen on barns and garages to allow smells to escape. Many people place them on their home roofs for the instant aesthetic appeal. Cupolas will grab your attention, and can add a trademark architectural peak to your home that have buyers looking twice.

Cupolas are available in a lot of different designs. While the most common shape is a square, they can also be round, domed, and octagonal. They contain a base, cap, and vent. Some fancier cupolas are equipped with remote controls that allow you to open and close the vents with the push of a button. If you want to add curb appeal, consider choosing a flashy base made out of shiny metal or buy a fancy weather vane to sit on top of the cupola. You can even get a cupola with windows that will really leave an impression on those driving by.

Will a Cupola Work on Your Home?

Before purchasing a cupola, it is best to get a consult from a roofing company. Cox Roofing Company serving Abington, MD, can make sure you choose one that will fit your home. The size you need is based on the pitch and slope of your roof. You also need to base the size by considering the overall look and ventilation goals you have in mind. To increase your home’s curb appeal, and assist with all your residential roofing needs, contact Cox Roofing.

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