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Roofing Practices for the New Year

The new year has long since begun, but do you feel as if you’ve really made a change in your business since then? If not, then consider some of the following roofing practices that can help you to expand and grow your commercial roof work in 2017.

2017’s Best Commercial Roofing Practices

Maintaining a commercial roof can be a hugely expensive undertaking. Not everyone realizes the amount of care and maintenance that should go into this cover. However, you can save both time and money if you adopt some mindful roofing practices, assuming you don’t do them already.

One is to ensure safety at all times and in all conditions. “Limit the foot traffic on your roof to personnel and service contractors who are trained on current OSHA regulations – including snow removal services.” No matter what kind of job needs to be done, you should never leave it to just anybody. It’s also true that people walking around in un-designated areas can actually damage the roof in addition to risking their safety, so keep that in mind.

Another of these crucial roofing practices is to have the roof inspected twice a year, usually in the spring or fall. Again, make sure that it is a qualified professional who carries out this process so that it is done well and thoroughly. “In between inspections, make sure to perform self-inspections after major weather events” (if you have roofing experience yourself). Keep in mind that the faster any kind of problem is addressed, the less potential it has to transform into a larger issue, so you also want to get “semi-annual maintenance.”

Finally, look into the stats of any warranties that you might have for the commercial roof. If you take time to read it (them) over and “get familiar with your terms and conditions,” then you’ll be able to address problems that arrive as quickly as possible. When it comes to implementing the best roofing practices, knowledge is power!

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