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Commercial Roof Issues Prevented with Inspection

If you own a commercial property or do any work on commercial roofs, then you may have seen a number of issues arise on the rooftop before now. If you’ve never had a problem, though, then make sure that you know what certain “symptoms” are saying, should they appear; commercial roof issues can cost you big if left unattended.

Watch out for These Commercial Roof Issues

Hopefully there is routine maintenance done on your commercial roof to prevent the development of any serious problems. This may seem tedious, but it’s an important part of keeping the roof sturdy and functional. If it’s ignored, you may find yourself (in a worst-case scenario) having to replace the entire roof, so look for these warning signs to avoid having to do that anytime soon.

Commercial roof issues vary, particularly depending on your climate, but there are some that have the potential to appear across the board. For example, most areas receive some amount of rain, which can lead to a slew of problems. Standing water, or pools of stagnant water left after the rain, can lead to dipping and sagging. “If the problem isn’t addressed before the membrane deteriorates and starts to leak, water infiltration can rust or rot the decking material, ruin the insulation and weaken the deck structure.” Since a weaker roof is more prone to collapse, this is a situation that needs to be addressed quickly for the best results. Ponding water is often caused by clogged drains and should be drained as soon as possible. If this goes unnoticed for too long, then it can cause the same kinds of problems as standing water.

More water-related complications include leaks which lead to drips within the building and then to the growth of mold and mildew. Not only that, but this invasive water source can cause structural damage and can negatively impact electrical work which leads into an even greater safety concern. Some of these symptoms might not be obvious, so do regular checks around the interior and exterior to make sure there are no leaks.

If you notice that your property’s energy bills have been rising steadily over time, then it’s likely that you have at least one of many commercial roof issues, and this is to blame. Some of the above water problems in particular can contribute to a less-effective system of insulation, which would obviously reduce efficiency and bump up bills.

There are a number of problems that may be plaguing your commercial building. Try to have things inspected fairly regularly to prevent the development of any of the above. For a roofing company that you can trust, get in touch with Cox Roofing. You’ll be able to work with a business that has your best interests in mind and which has over thirty years of experience.

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