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Market to Women for Roofing Business

When was the last time you really thought about your female customers? It may sound a little strange, but if you really think about it, you may realize that most marketing tactics in this arena are geared toward male clients and don’t market to women much at all. The roofing business is within a traditionally “masculine” industry, but that doesn’t mean women aren’t purchasing roofing services for their homes!

Find Increased Success: Market to Women

Did you know that “women initiate 80% of home improvement purchases?” This means that, if you aren’t marketing successfully to them and aren’t considering their demographic at all, then you are possibly missing out on over 3/4 of the population. Remedy this issue by considering strategies that appeal and can market to women.

In this modern area, people are going online more than ever to seek out potential businesses. Your website, therefore, should be organized and aesthetically pleasing with information that is easy to find. Most women spend a lot of time online doing research before big purchases, and if they don’t see a site that looks professional, then they’re likely to pass you up for someone else. Keep this in mind when designing and updating!

Similarly, you want there to be glowing reviews of your company, employees, and services. Incorporate this into your website, but also try and get them to come up following a simple Google search. This can be done by creating a Google for Business page. Also, social media is a resource that should never be wasted, especially considering that “women dominate the population.” Social media also includes a lot of free marketing efforts, so not putting them to work for you would be a badly-missed opportunity.

If your potential client calls, then she will take a first impression following that phone conversation. If you have an assistant or representative who mans the phones, make sure he or she is always polite, well-spoken, and helpful. It can be frustrating to speak with someone over the phone, but this is where you have the chance to really “sell” your company to them, or at least to try and get them to come in for a consultation.

When you meet with a female potential client, “be sure to take into consideration certain factors that may affect their lifestyle.” For example, a young couple may not have as much money to spend on a project while a busy mother may not have as much time to spend on a project. Each will come from different circumstances, so try and take note of them throughout your interactions.

Don’t miss out on business opportunities because you’re not reaching the entire population Develop your ability to market to women to garner as much business as possible.

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