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Proper Attic Ventilation Reduces Mold, Mildew, and More

Do you know if your home can properly “breathe?” In layman’s terms, do know have proper attic ventilation? If not, then your home may face “excess heat, moisture, ice dams, and even attic rot, mold, and mildew.”

Reduce Costs with Some Proper Attic Ventilation

It’s a crucial piece of good roofing technique to have proper attic ventilation. Without it, you may have to deal with a host of unpleasant, and sometimes costly, issues. If you, or even a professional who doesn’t know better, covers up spaces that help your attic to “breathe,” then it can cause big problems in the future.

If you’re concerned about how this might affect the visual and curb appeal of your house, then don’t worry. There are some “virtually undetectable ventilation solutions” that you can asked a professional roofer to add to your home for improved functionality. For example, “shingle-over attic ventilation, when installed properly, blends in seamlessly with the look of the roof.”

Having a better idea of what you want for your house will help your chosen roofer to ensure that you have proper attic ventilation. With this as your intended goal, the roofer can consider the options that you have and present them to you, making their own suggestions and allowing you to make the call from there. Keeping the project focused will allow the job to get done in a quick and efficient manner without getting sidetracked by other possible jobs that may need to be done.

Consider how much proper attic ventilation can do for you and how much it can prevent. Winter and its ice dams may be far away right now, but mold and mildew can certainly be a more immediate problem if you haven’t at least considered better ventilation solutions for your home. If for no other reason, this can really help with your home’s energy efficiency, which can cut back on costs associated with heating, cooling, and powering your house.

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