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Spring Roof Maintenance - Cox Roofing

We may have had quite a lot of snow last month, but that doesn’t mean the seasons didn’t change from winter to spring. Plant life has had a difficult time coming ‘back to life’ so far, and so you may not be thinking of this as spring, but you should! There are a number of…

Spring Maintenance - Cox Roofing

With all the rain of April and the falling debris from flowering trees, you’ve likely got a lot of spring maintenance to do. In order to keep your roof up and running during this warming season, read up on how to make sure things are functioning smoothly. Take the Time for Spring Maintenance Spring maintenance…

Spring Weather - Cox Roofing

Do you know for sure that your roof is ready for spring weather? Roofing preparation and maintenance may be year-round, but that only means that you have to be diligent and attentive for twelve months of the year! Make Sure You’re Ready for Spring Weather It’s a month into spring, so your roof may have…

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