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metal roofing-Cox Roofing

Wondering whether you should install a metal roof instead of using other conventional roofing materials like asphalt, wood, or tile? Metal roofing allows homeowners to upgrade their homes with products of lasting value. It’s particularly popular due to its long-term performance characteristics that offer homeowners an unmatched service. Here are more reasons why this roofing…

Roof - Cox Roofing

If your roof is on the older side, then you may be looking for ways to give it a bit of its old luster. “As long as your roof isn’t leaking water into your home, you can often spruce it up without the expense of major repairs or roof replacement.” With this in mind, consider…

Ventilation - Cox Roofing

Do you know the value of good ventilation in your attic for your roof? Without it, there can be minor problems that grow into major ones over time and even which threaten your safety or the integrity of the roof. How to Create Good Ventilation So, what makes ventilation such an important piece of roof…

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