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blue-green algae - Keil Tree

Whether you’re a homeowner or a roofing professional, you’ve probably seen it before: blue-green algae. This “stain” isn’t what most people think it is, and as a result, any discoloration on your roof should be reported to your chosen contractor in order to get it cleaned up the proper way. How to Avoid and Remove…

Algae on your Roof - Cox Roofing

Algae on your roof isn’t necessarily a reason to panic. “It can affect almost any type of roofing material including asphalt shingles, tile, slate, shakes, composite roofing and even metal,” but there are some fairly simple solutions and ways in which you can remove it from your home. What to Do If There’s Algae on…

Algae on Roof - Cox Roofing

If a homeowner calls with a concern over blossoming, dark patches on their roof, you’ll likely be able to tell them right away that they’re dealing with algae. This isn’t an uncommon situation, but it also isn’t one that many customers will want to put up with. Though algae doesn’t do much damage, it still…

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